Our warehouses stock a vast range of pet feed for all your furry, fin or feathered pets. We cover all types of pets except reptiles. We also stock a huge range of bedding and accessories in store.

Dog -
We stock a huge range of feeds including dry, wet and raw. We also stock beds, supplements, toys and treats.

Cat -
From feed to cat litter, we have a large selection available.

Rabbit -
We have a choice of small and large sacks of feed plus all your bedding needs plus a vast range of treats in stock.

Guinea Pig -
Keep your Guinea Pig happy with feed, bedding and treats.

Small Animals -
Ferrets, Rats, Hamsters and even Degu are catered for in both our stores.

Fish -
Although not the biggest part of our ranges, we have a choice for both cold water, tropical and pond fish.

Cage Bird -
Offering great discounts on sacks of feed plus we have treats, toys and bedding in stock.

Pigeon -
Whether you are racing, breeding or simply resting we have a full range of corns in stock. We also have bedding, supplements and accessories available.

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